Manx Y-DNA Study
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How to Take Part

If you are a male and of Manx origin, and possess one of the list of Manx surnames listed on the main page of this website, then you are eligible to take part - and we would be delighted for you to do so.

If you have already had a 37 marker (or more) STR Y-DNA test with one of the existing DNA testing companies - then you should share your results with this project in the following ways:-

If you have tested with FTDNA already - then you can follow this link (you will need your normal FTDNA login details). 

Alternatively you should go to your homepage at FTDNA. 

1. Near the left is a panel "myPROJECTS" 

2. Touch the "Join a project" link - and this takes you to the Project Join page 

3. There should be a list of matching projects shown - select "Isle of Man Y-DNA" 

4. If you do not see that, then below there are a number of tables - under Y-DNA GEOGRAPHICAL PROJECTS click on I(10) 

5. From the list of matching projects shown - select "Isle of Man Y-DNA 

6. You then see details of the project and a yellow "join" button at the bottom - click on that and follow the instructions

If you have STR results tested with any other companies but they have not been posted publicly  then please send details of your marker results, plus details of your haplogroup (if you know it) in what ever form is most convenient, by email to Again any additional information on the ancestry of your paternal line would also be helpful.


If you have not already been tested for your Y-DNA then preferential testing prices have been provided for you to test with FTDNA. This link will take you to the Isle of Man Y-DNA project join page at FTDNA, it explains what is required in taking this type of test and allows you to request to join the project. When your join request has been approved by the project coordinator you will receive an email with a link within it, enabling you to proceed and  place an order for a test. Once the test results are completed then a copy will obviously be sent to you, but also copied to this project. Alternatively you can contact the project coordinator here by email and request to join in the same way.

In general it is recommended that you take a test for the maximum number of STR markers that you reasonably can afford, up to a practical maximum of 111. An absolute minimum of 37 markers and ideally 67 is required to take part in this project to obtain any meaningful results.

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