Manx Y-DNA Study
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A number of items reviewing various aspects of the Manx Y-DNA study over the course of the last few years are available online:

An interim report on the study published in October 2013
An interview in the IOM press on the study in 2014 
A review of progress on the Manx Research website
Citizen Science in Action
An article on the Incidence on Non-paternal events in the study on the Manx Research website 
New findings on the early history of Manx Families
An analysis has been recently carried out by Chris Keig examining the possible connection between a number of Manx families and the Viking Kings of Mann - see here
An analysis of whether one can predict the genetic origins of a Manx family from the linguistic origins of its name! 
A full summary of the project results and output has been published in "Isle of Man Studies" - The Proceedings of the Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society - Vol XVII  - see the index here

Detailed comments describing progress so far are now available here  on the results page.


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